Regional bioenergy initiatives

Bioenergy Association members are active on a number of regional initiatives that promote and demonstrate bioenergy facilities. Seeing is believing and having local show casing of bioenergy facilities reinforces for those considering bioenergy projects that  they are unlikely to be the first and that they can see how others have done similar projects. 

The regional bioenergy initiatives are supported by Bioenergy Association with advice and assistance, access to experience and existing tools, and provision of information or activities that are beyond the capabilities of local people. If you are wanting to deliver a local bioenergy initiative such as with your local schools contact the executive officer.  Regional initiatives can draw on the Bioenergy Association Contact an Expert listing, publications from the website library and access the Bioenergy Association’s quality assurance and education programmes.

A full listing of bioenergy facilities across New Zealand and Australia can be found on the Bioenergy Facilities Directory

Bioenergy in Schools

The Bioenergy in Schools programme facilitated by the Bioenergy Association now includes schools in Otaki and Dunedin.


Venture Southland manages the Wood Energy South project and can provide financial assistance for feasibility studies, advice on contacting an expert, and guidance on investigating wood energy opportunities.


Bioenergy service providers and heat plant owners in the Rotorua Lakes area have formed a Bioenergy Cluster to assist get bioenergy opportunities main streamed. For information contact John Gifford


Bioenergy Association is partnering with Auckland Council to achieve the city’s Low carbon Plan and in particular zero organic waste to landfill. For information contact Brian Cox


Energise Otaki is a collective of individuals, community groups, including Otaki College, and clean technology businesses, focused on the goal of developing the town of Otaki as a net supplier of clean sustainable renewable energy, through a range of local projects.  Bioenergy Association is assisting Energise Otaki.


Bioenergy Association is assisting a local cluster of service providers, fuel suppliers and heat users to run a number of demonstration events in Christchurch. For information contact Sam at Canterbury Wood Chip Supplies.