What is the Bioenergy Association?

The Bioenergy Association represents its members based in New Zealand and Australia.  We provide assistance and a wealth of bioenergy information to support members' business and promote their expertise and capabilities for undertaking activities in New Zealand, Australian and the South Pacific with regards to bioenergy and biofuels related solutions.


Membership is open to anyone with a commercial interest in bioenergy.  Our members include land and forestry owners, wood processors, feedstock suppliers, fuel and energy suppliers, equipment supplies, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, energy researchers, educators, regulators and investors.  We advocate to Government on bioenergy related policy, develop best practice Technical Guides for New Zealand and Australia, host workshops and webinars and assist potential investors in bioenergy based solutions to assess technologies, market opportunities and market risks.

Promoting member experience and capabilities

The Bioenergy Association has three special topic interest group websites for promoting the experience and capabilities of its members.  Each Interest Group has its own committee with information and experience provided through the Bioenergy Knowledge Centre.  

Discuss joining the association

  • Details on joining the association can be found here -  joining the association 
  • Please feel free to contact Brian Cox, the association’s executive officer to discuss your bioenergy related issues.

Governance and management structure

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors and its managemnt is the responsibility of the Executive Officer. Details are here.